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Big Ear Games App


Big Ear Games App

Collaboration with Big Ear Games

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation® (LLIMF) has partnered with Big Ear Games to bring their engaging music education app to over 24,000 elementary school students across the US.

All students enrolled in LLIMF’s Keys of Inspiration® (KOI) grant program will receive this exciting tech update to further enhance their music learning experience.

Big Ear Games’ mission is to engage music lovers with fun learning by encouraging them to create and socialize through music.

The app is based on building deconstructed popular songs in a gamified environment, which helps the student learn the fundamentals of music theory. Big Ear Games believes that “Anyone can make music, anytime and anywhere, and at any level.” By integrating the app into the LLIMF curriculum, we aim to lower the threshold of engaging with music in a fun and creative way.

The love of music knows no boundaries. It adds meaning, both emotionally and socially, to our lives. Even simple tunes can be effective and evoke meaning, so users are encouraged to create and share their music from day one. By encouraging digital music making, the app helps develop and support critical thinking skills, and computational thinking..

With over 10,000 installs before launch, the game is generating excitement among educators, students, and music lovers across the world.

We are excited to welcome Big Ear Games as our official music learning app, as we strive to make music education more accessible to music lovers across the world. Music is for everyone, and this partnership will further both organizations work to inspire the next generation of music lovers.


Big Ear Games - Student playing

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